Southeast Asia: A Growing Market For Wine Exports

Southeast Asia: A Growing Market For Wine Exports

In 2022, Australian wine exports to Southeast Asia grew by 16 per cent in value to $305 million and 56 per cent in volume to 27 million litres.

Consisting of a diverse group of markets and home to more than 686 million people, the nations of Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia, represent a significant opportunity for Australian wine due to their population size and economic growth.

As a whole, Southeast Asian markets represented 6.7 million 9-litre cases of wine sold in 2021, valued at US$1.4 billion in retail value. This ranks the group roughly around 43rd in global wine markets by volume but ranked 25th by value.

Projected growth to 2026 forecasts a 7 per cent growth in volume and value on average per annum, driven by increasing incomes, tourists and a growing appetite for good quality alcohol. This rising demand for wine represents a significant opportunity for Australian wine exporters in the years ahead.

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