Snapshot Of The US Alcoholic Beverage Market

Snapshot Of The US Alcoholic Beverage Market

Whilst the pandemic saw pre-existing trends in the US beverage alcohol market intensify, recent analysis indicates that as the alcoholic beverage market settles post-pandemic, there appears to be a return to historic trends, with a few minor exceptions:

  • Whilst beer and still wines volumes declined at an accelerated state during the pandemic, this decline is now occurring at a lesser degree.
  • Ready-to-drink (RTD) and spirits experienced accelerated growth rates during the pandemic, and continue to grow but at albeit slower pace.
  • Ecommerce sales also grew sharply as regulations were eased to accommodate during lockdowns, and this growth continues, again at a slower pace.

As of 2023, volume is down across the majority of categories, with the rate of consumption expected to slow due to factors such as ongoing economic uncertainty, lower levels of disposable income, inflationary pressures and an increased focus on decreased alcohol consumption.

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