Russia contemplates 200% wine duty

Russia contemplates 200% wine duty

Russia is contemplating imposing a 200% duty on wine imports in order to protect the Russian wine market. This import duty would apply to wine, fortified wine and sparkling wine from ‘unfriendly’ NATO states.

The Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Russia (AVVR) is driving this initiative alongside additional requests such as the cancellation of preferential treatment for wine imports from Georgia, and the establishment of quotas for Russian wine in Russian retail stores, cafes and restaurants.

Whilst the Russian government did increase import duties in 2023 on wines from ‘unfriendly’ countries – from 12.5% to 20% until 2024 – some state officials and local winemakers deemed this increase insufficient.

Conversely, this latest initiative has market analysts speculating that these protectionist measures will result in increased wine prices in Russia (including for domestic wines), and the actual suspension of wine imports from most of the EU states and other Western nations.


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